This year the technology exhibition of young innovators TECHNORAMA will return to KTU Santaka Valley on 25th of May.

For more than two decades, TECHNORAMA has motivated developers of innovative technology solutions by disseminating their scientific achievements to the general public, contributing to the further development of products with financial support, and providing an opportunity to present their innovations to students, researchers, investors and businesses.

The authors of the most innovative solutions with the greatest commercial potential will be awarded prizes established by organizers and partners.

Regarding partnership possibilities, please contact:

Vilija Balčiūnaitė

Communication of event, collaboration with partners

phone: +37063848272


Why to join the event?

Each year, an extensive network of business representatives to the event, providing a unique opportunity to connect directly with young talent and get a closer look at the products they create.

The company’s name and brand are included in the public communication of the event – press releases, social media, visual materials. Sponsors are given the opportunity to present their company at the special information stands designed individually: the design and functionality of which can be changed according to the expectations.

Informational partner of even:

Special prizes are awarded to the most innovative solution with the greatest commercial potential in the following areas:

  • Food. Food technology, production, safety, quality, healthy eating promotion, education, packaging, food waste and waste reduction and related solutions.
  • Health. Strengthening the health care system, ensuring better health for citizens, promoting a sustainable health economy and related solutions.
  • Environment. Addressing the challenges of climate, energy, waste, raw materials, air, water, environmental quality, promoting the circular economy, education and related solutions.
  • Digital solutions. Various digital solutions.
  • Mobility. All means of transport, mobility efficiency, reduction of networks congestion, increased security and sustainable urban growth, efficient use of public spaces, behavioral development and related solutions.
  • Engineering. Automation of manufacturing process, robotics, electronics, electrical, mechanical, mechatronics, construction, transport, information technology and related solutions.
  • Interactive and creative society. Cultural, social innovations, communication, education, games, promotion of entrepreneurship and related solutions.
  • Defence. Solutions to reduce risks and increase national and European security.

Those who are interested and want to join, please contact the representatives of the event.

We can provide specific offer and cooperation, depending on the type, interests and expectations of the company / organization.