TECHNORAMA is the traditional exhibition-contest organized by Kaunas University of Technology. This year well know event will celebrate 21st birthday.

During the years of its existence, the exhibition presented inventions from very varied fields of science: from engineering devices, rapidly growing information technology solutions, humanities, and social sciences projects to food and health innovations that have received a lot of attention in the exhibition in recent years.

For two decades, TECHNORAMA has been motivating developers of innovative technological solutions by disseminating their scientific achievements to the public, contributing to the further development of products with financial support, and opening the opportunity to present their innovations to the investor and business community.

Each year, an extensive network of business representatives to the event, providing a unique opportunity to connect directly with young talent and get a closer look at the products they create.

Since 2020, Technorama has moved to the virtual space: competitions-exhibitions have created an individualized platform and presented to the public for the first time, reproducing the physical form of the exhibition. Such a model has now allowed an even greater number of unique visitors.

The opening of the event is crowned by an annual conference. The topics of which are dictated by both the trends in innovation and technology and the expectations and interests expressed by business representatives.


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