TECHNORAMA 2023 physical exhibition and festive winners awards will take place on May 25th, from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., in KTU Santaka Valley, K. Baršausko str. 59, Kaunas.

Event agenda.



We welcome young innovators developing ideas in the following fields:

Food. Food technology, production, safety, quality, healthy eating promotion, education, packaging, food waste and waste reduction and related solutions.

Health. Strengthening the health care system, ensuring better health for citizens, promoting a sustainable health economy and related solutions.

Environment. Addressing the challenges of climate, energy, waste, raw materials, air, water, environmental quality, promoting the circular economy, education and related solutions.

Digital solutions. Various digital solutions.

Mobility. All means of transport, mobility efficiency, reduction of networks congestion, increased security and sustainable urban growth, efficient use of public spaces, behavioral development and related solutions.

Engineering. Automation of manufacturing process, robotics, electronics, electrical, mechanical, mechatronics, construction, transport, information technology and related solutions.

Interactive and creative society. Cultural, social innovations, communication, education, games, promotion of entrepreneurship and related solutions.

Defence. Solutions to reduce risks and increase national and European security.


TECHNORAMA is the traditional exhibition-contest organized by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), which has been bringing together innovators – students, science representatives, and new technology enthusiasts – in one place for two decades.

During the years of its existence, the exhibition presented inventions from very varied fields of science: from engineering devices, rapidly growing information technology solutions, humanities, and social sciences projects to food and health innovations that have received a lot of attention in the exhibition in recent years.

The main idea of the event

For two decades, TECHNORAMA has been motivating developers of innovative technological solutions by disseminating their scientific achievements to the public, contributing to the further development of products with financial support, and opening the opportunity to present their innovations to the investor and business community.

Technorama is bringing together innovators – students, science representatives, and new technology enthusiasts, business representatives and investors – in one place.

Knowledge. In preparation for participation in the exhibition, you will gain knowledge of effective presentation of the idea, and will receive questions and advices from the participants of the exhibition, which will help to develop your idea further.

Valuable contacts and feedback. The most famous names of Lithuanian innovations, business and science leaders in the jury of the exhibition. Each member of the jury gets acquainted with the work of the participants, so Technorama is the best place to get to get on investors’ radar, get leaders feedback and advice.

Dissemination. For a frequent Technorama participant, the exhibition becomes the first public presentation to the public. The exhibition is physically and virtually visited by several thousand spectators, and the content of Technorama reaches hundreds of thousands on social media and national media – the dissemination is wide!

Your idea is presented in a live and virtual exhibition and in a digital catalogue of works.

Prize. Every year, the best-rated participants compete for a cash prize – sponsors contribute to it, and the KTU Rector’s Prize is established.

Idea presentation material. After the exhibition you will have pitch deck ready and you will receive a video of the presentation of your idea.

Certificate confirming participation in the exhibition. Each member of the team participating in the exhibition will get a certificate confirming participation in the exhibition. According to your university’s rules, participating in an innovation exhibition and presenting your idea can add extra points toward a scholarship.



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Privacy Note

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For more information on personal data protection, please contact

Data controller and organizer of the event “Technorama” – the Public Institution Kaunas University of Technology (hereinafter – the University), code 111950581, K. Donelaičio St. 73, 44249 Kaunas.

2.1. We will collect the information needed to organize the event, inform the research areas and the authors of the research, informing the public about the event. The data collected will not be used for any other purpose.

2.2. Data, disclosure, and storage procedures provided by data subjects:

The participant’s form contains personal data:

Name and surname of the participant. The purpose of data collection is to identify the author/participant of the work. The data will be made public. Data storage period – 2 months after the end of the event.
Participant email mail. The purpose of data collection is to contact the author/participant. The data will not be made public. Data storage period – 2 months after the end of the event.
Participant’s research area and job description. The purpose of data collection is to identify the author/participant of the work. The data will be made public. Data storage period – 2 months after the end of the event.
Institution / department / faculty represented by the participant. The purpose of data collection is to identify the author/participant of the work. The data will be made public. Data storage period – 2 months after the end of the event.

2.3. The name, field of study, institution represented, and job description provided by the participant will be made public: in the Technorama catalog of the event, on the KTU, Startup Space, and Technorama pages of the event, on KTU and Startup Space social networks.

The printing house will receive the publicly available data required for printing the event catalog.

For the purpose of informing the public, the event will be photographed and filmed during the event, so you can be seen in photos and videos. Photos and videos of this event will be posted on the event’s Technorama catalog, KTU, Startup Space, and Technorama websites, as well as on Facebook / Instagram accounts.

5.1. Access your personal data.

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5.5. You can apply for the exercise of rights or for additional information at

6.1. The participant can register for the Technorama event only if he/she reads and confirms that he/she has read this privacy notice. Confirmation is recorded by ticking the appropriate box on the participant’s form.

6.2. When processing the personal data of the Clients, the University complies with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

6.3. The University reserves the right to change and/or supplement this Privacy Notice at any time.